Kalita-Finance released GUI-Robot – Dow Jones News Strategy

Kalita-Finance released GUI-Robot – Dow Jones News Strategy

On 26 October 2012, Moscow-based Kalita-Finance released new strategy for GUI-Robot, the algotool at its trading platform iTrader 8. It’s called GUI-Robot – DJ News Strategy because it uses the Dow Jones Elementized News Feed provided by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

In the window Robot’s Triggering Rule the trader chooses one of the economic indicators that should be published soon, then enters his own forecast and sets a task to buy or sell some financial instrument. After the publication, if trader’s forecast is correct, the GUI-Robot places the assigned market order.  

The matter of technological innovation is that in this strategy the GUI-Robot receives news in digital form and handles them (“reads”) by itself without trader’s interference. Today any Kalita-Finance client can act on economic indicator publication faster than dealers at the leading banks and investment companies because the speed of digital news handling by GUI-Robot is less than 1 millisecond while speed of visual news reading by dealer is much longer. 

“DJ News Strategy became a first client’s algonews strategy that allows trading robot “read” news in XML format much faster than human being is reading visual news, - says Sergey Zimnin, Deputy CEO at Kalita-Finance, - “Team of our developers under the management of Igor Suzdaltsev, the author of Trading GUI-Robot concept, continues the democratic revolution in algorithmic trading by making technological innovations available to all market participants. And today we are glad to offer our clients the newest trading technology with elements of artificial intelligence”.

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